Brian and show host Shannon Wiseman with car owner,
James.  This guy was really stoked at the way his car
turned out.
James had devoted his life to serving his community as a
scout leader.  The Nascar Angel crew coordinated getting
James car completely overhauled for free.
Chris Cain finishing up the alarm installation prior to the car's
"reveal".  We only had 4 hours to install the kenwood stereo, 4
speakers, 2-12" subs, and a scytek alarm with 2 way paging and
remote start.
James had his car completely repainted (it used to be white).  He
also had it overhauled mechanically, got new wheels and tires and
we (Soundsational) had the opportunity to overhaul his sound
James was a pleasure to deal with.  It was great
seeing how much this impacted him.
Brian showing James his custom painted sub enclosure
with his ARC Audio 12" speakers and amps.

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Nascar Angel's episode #42