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NFL superstar and customer
Edgerrin James at SoundSational.
Indianapolis Colt's player Najeh Davenport Jan 2009.
Indianapolis Colt's star and friend Dominic Rhodes
at SoundSational
NBA Hall of Famer, Chris Mullin getting a system installed
by SoundSational circa 1999.
Jake Scott and Bryant Baugh from the Colt's drop by to show off superbowl rings.
SoundSational Audio & Video is the premier audio shop in the Indianapolis area.  We are locally owned and
operated  and have been in business in the area for over 2
3 years.  This year SoundSational was selected by WRTV's
"A-List " as "Indiana's best car audio store" for 201
7.  This is the ninth time that we have received this honor.  We
have been selected multiple times by "Indianapolis Monthly" magazine as Best car audio store in Indianapolis as  
well.  SoundSational has also had the honor of being featured on several episodes of the ABC hit TV show "Nascar
Angels".  At SoundSational, our main mission is to build custom audio or video systems that will have a strong
impact  by being both cutting-edge, attractive, yet still affordable.
                                        "Go where the pro's go--SoundSational"
Indianapolis Colt's Linebacker and friend, Tyjuan
Hagler, at Soundsational..
NBA superstar and former Indianapolis Pacer (Center) Scott Pollard at
SoundSational in 2009.  Just for referance--Brian (standing next to him) is 6"3.
Indianapolis Colt's LB Philip Wheeler at SoundSational.
Indianapolis Colt's star and friend Tony Ugoh
getting his truck worked on at Soundsational.
Former Indianapolis Pacer's legend, Rik Smits, getting some
gear at SoundSational.  Izzy (standing next to Rik) is 6"7.  This is
probably one of the first times that Izzy felt short standing next to
L.A. Clippers star Eric Gordon getting his car worked on at Soundsational in 2011.
Cleveland Cavaliers Star, #8 Christian Eyenga, visited Soundsational in
October 2011 to have us build a system for him.