Wayne's Baaaddd Harley Road king
Friend and SoundSational customer Wayne
with his bad-to-the-bone Harley Roadking.
Kinetik HC600 Power cell provides extra current for the
THREE Arc audio amps that are running this system.
Headunit is a Alpine CDE-102 CD/MP3 player from
SoundSational.  The front speakers are by Memphis
The 2 amps for the 10" subwoofers are ARC Audio KS500.1
mini amplifiers.  These ARC Amps really pound!
A Weezy's custom subwoofer enclosure holds
the Memphis SC10" subwoofers.  I think this is
the only bike in Indy with 2-10" subs and 3 amps.
Bass is able to flow properly through the verticle slots
that were milled out of the front of the saddlebag.
This is probably the only motorcycle in Indy sporting
23"  wheels along with having 2-12" subs and 3
Wayne went with Foose wheels to go along
with the ARC Audio theme.  These 23" custom
wheels retail for approximately $7,500.00.