Sam N's 07 Tundra Sound Q Truck
For the head unit Sam chose to go w/ the Alpine
W505/P1 navi unit w/bluetooth and Ipod interface.
Front stage is accomplished with Focal Polyglass
6.5" Components in custom kick panels.  These
speakers are incredibly transparent!
In the front doors we added some Memphis
Audio coaxials for some additional "fill".  
The amplifier chosen for the  system is the ARC
Audio KS900.6 6-channel amplifier.  GREAT sound
quality AND it fits under the rear seats nicely.
The ARC Audio KS series amps use a class "G"
power supply array.  This allows for much better
sound quality than a traditional class "D" amp,
while still being very efficient.
Subwoofer was the Memphis Audio SC124-D 12"
sub.  The sub is only 2.5" deep.  That was needed as
we only had a max of 3.25" of space to mount a sub.  
Another happy SoundSational customer!