Brian and Izzy with Shannon Wiseman of Nascar Angels.
Brian and Izzy being interviewed for the
show.  Really busy day!
J.A. and Matt working on installing speakers in the
car.  We only had 4 hours to completely rewire the
Driving to the "reveal" in the completely rebuilt buick.  
Molly (the car's owner) was the widow of a slain police officer.   Molly
started a group to support victims of violent crime in Indy.  The
Nascar Angels organization was able to coordinate getting her car
completely redone.  Vehicle was painted, mechanically rebuilt, and
we (SoundSational) completely overhauled the audio.
ABC "Nascar Angels" show episode #141
At the "reveal" with the car owner, Molly and her sons.  SoundSational staff includes:  Brian, Marshall, and Richard.
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