2005 Mercedes Benz CL55 Custom System
The amplifier that we chose to power the entire system was the limited edition "George Barris" ARC Audio
KS900.6 amplifier.  The amplifier is 18kt gold plated and they were limited to a production run of 100.  I
thought the gold plated amp would look classy in the $125,000 Benz.
We custom fabricated the dashboard out of fiberglass and then painted/textured it
(as nobody makes a kit or harness for this car).  The head unit is an Alpine M900
navigation system with Ipod interface and bluetooth.  
We also custom made some inexpensive fiberglass/carpeted kick panels to house the Focal
Polyglass components up front.  We also have Focal Polyglass speakers in the factory speaker
location in the doors.
This is the passenger kick panel with the Focal Components installed.
The subwoofer was a ARC Audio 10D2 subwoofer.  
The sub enclosure is on the left of the amp rack.