57" LCD system custom designed installed by Brian and Josh.  We
placed a Polk sound bar below for surround sound.
Installing this system included fishing the wire through the
wall and adding a 110v recepticle behind the screen.  Not
an easy job!
52" Toshiba Regza Flat panel with Polk Audio
speakers on custom mantle.
Marantz receiver is hidden in the custom cabinetry.
Brian roughing in a 92" screen for an infocus
projection system.
Polk audio in-wall speakers sound great.  We were
installing the video system while the painters were doing
there j
Brian assembling a 16x9 screen.  That's not just the
aspect ratio--that the actual size.  16 foot by 9 foot
For a guy that was a former airborne paratrooper--it
took awhile to get Brian up on the scaffolding.  I think
this might be the largest (non-movie theater) movie
screen in the area.
Home theater Installations (while in progress)
SoundSational Audio & Video
3471 West 86th Street
Indianapolis, IN  46268

(317) 875-8863
92" Custom screen and in-wall Polk speakers sold and
installed by Brian and Josh at SoundSational.
Karen and steve's home theater system.
Rear in ceiling speakers next to InFocus projector.  We
installed a new 110v receptical in the ceiling as well.  
Velodyne 15" subwoofer in the corner
reproduces the bass in this system.
Custom cabinet holds the Marantz receiver
and the blue-ray player for this system.