Ezra's Screaming Orange Bubble
Ezra's 1993 caprice on 26" Lexani
firestars.  This Impala look alike is one
of the baddest Bubbles in Indianapolis.
First step on this Indianapolis Caprice was
to fiberglass and paint the dash bezel using
the orange pearl paint.
Rear fiberglass 6x9" rear deck enclosure in primer.
Step 2 was to paint all fiberglass
pieces with a reflective silver base coat.
Finally we add the color coat prior to clearing
and wet sanding the entire piece.  It's a lot of
work--but well worth the results.
rear doors had custom fiberglass panels built that were
then upholstered with orange suede.  Finishing touch
was the billet door handles and the billet ARC Audio
log in the center of the doors.
The front doors had custom fiberglass pods built
to hold the ARC Audio KS6x9's.  We also built a
window that is backlit in orange (from rear
mounted LED tubes).
This is the new fiberglass center counsel that we
built for the Caprice.  This has a visteon 2 din
navigation system and a set of ARC Audio
components speakers mounted up front.
Jerm checking the digital gauges that
we installed in the front dash.
Jody fishing wire for the 4 ARC Audio amplifiers in the rear of
the Caprice.  Ezra is running 2 - FD1200.1 amplifiers, ARC
FD2400 highs amp and a FD2100 amp on the additional highs.
We have and additional set of ARC Audio
5.25" components installed in the rear
fiberglass pedestal.  That is a total of 14 highs
and 4 12" subwoofers.  WOW!
ARC Audio 6.5" Components in the rear
fiberglass counsel.  We also have ARC
components in the front counsel along with 3
pairs of the ARC KS 6x9" speakers.
I think the head is screaming because
the ARC Audio components and
subwoofers are Too Loud!