Ferrari 360 Spider custom audio system
Custom Fiberglass enclosure ready to fit
behind the seat of the Ferrari.  It looks much
prettier from the front.
Fiberglass enclosure installed behind the seats of the
Spider.  The center Ferrari badge is backlit with an LED
and glows when the system is on.
Focal Tweeters mounted in factory Ferrari A pillars.  
Although you can't see the after market
components--you can definitely hear the difference!
Focal K2P mids custom mounted in
the door of the car.
For the headunit, the customer chose the
new Alpine IDAX-305S Ipod control deck.
We installed a color changing LED kit in the engine bay of this super car.  The LED's were
setup to reflect off all the custom chrome and braided steel lines in the engine compartment.
We had previously installed a custom manufacturerd lambo
door conversion kit on this Ferrari.  This was the first Ferrari
360 in the U.S. with lambo doors.