1999 BMW M3 system at SoundSational
Gorgeous car--but the factory audio
left a lot to be desired.  
Trunk before any modifications.
Factory speakers in the bimmer.  Next step, upgrade to
Focal speakers and make this car sound GOOD!
Replacing the factory speakers with the Focals
makes a huge difference in sound quality!
New wiring connected to the battery.  
Neatness is a necessity at SoundSational.
Factory deck is replaced with an Eclipse CD7200MKII.  
The eclipse decks sound great AND they come with
built in bluetooth.
We custom built an enclosure in the truck and
installed an ARC Audio KS300.2 amp on the sub.  
The sound quality is awesome!
The ARC 300.2 powered the subwoofer while a ARC
300.4 amp powers the Focal speakers in the front and
rear of the car.
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